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Korean Fried Rice Waffle

Category: Brunch

Food waste is real, and when it comes to leftovers I have always had a reputation for some major waste. I've made a commitment, though, to repurpose those leftovers in a new way, because I no longer can feel ethically comfortable as a chef, knowing just how much food gets thrown out on the regular.

Each year, we create enough food in this world to feed 12 billion people. And there's only 7 billion of us.

How in the world are people starving?

Well, you do the math and you realize that we're wasting a ton of food. We can - we should - do better.

So, we had some fried rice leftover and my son needed breakfast. He's also a sucker for anything Asian. With that in mind, I saw the fried rice looming in the fridge and thought: I can make breakfast out of that!

Here's the recipe. It's stupid how easy it is, you really just need a waffle maker. And if you don't have that, just fry it up like a pancake. This recipe will make 2 waffles.

And as far as toppings go, just get creative. If you like it, add it! That's the beauty of cooking. It's always creative, and the sky is the limit!

The Fat Pastor's Fried Rice Waffle

2 cups leftover fried rice

2 eggs

1/4 cup of flour

Mix it up all the ingredients really well, and then cook it in your waffle iron. You can add whatever toppings you want - it'll be hard to mess it up!!

The toppings I added on mine were a soft fried egg, radish kimchi, hoisin sauce and black sesame seeds. You could add bacon, sriracha, kewpie mayo... whatever you want!


Korean Fried Rice Waffle
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