Fat Pastor


Here are the big differences between us and others: 

1 - We understand weddings. As actual pastors, we have helped plan, coordinate and perform many weddings. Our service goes beyond just cooking your food. We get you. 

2 - We cook on site. We have the equipment needed to set up and prepare your meal at your location, so that your guests don't feel like they are eating a catered meal that came from another location, and was held for a long time before re-warming and plating.

3 - Our culinary team has gained national and international recognition. You'll be able to tell your family and friends that the head chef at your wedding was told by Gordon Ramsay that he was "born to cook." We've also been featured in Brides Magazine, Apple Brides & The Aisle Society.


Here is a sample menu we created for a wedding of 150, where everything was cooked on site:

Sample Wedding Proposal - Click Here

Typical Pricing Structure:

For Groups of:

1-30 - Prices start at $100/person

30-80 - Prices start at $60/person

80+ - Prices start at $40/person

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