Meet The Yakima Team

Aubrie LeGault - ShawnNiles-158.jpg

Chef Shawn Niles - The Fat Pastor


Chef Gilbert Kalombo

Gilbert Kalombo is a native of Zambia, South Central Africa. You will be blown away by his ability to elevate the cuisine of Africa, time and time again. And whatever you do, don't relegate him to the cuisine of his homeland. His culinary skills cross cultural boundaries with dramatic flair, making him a multi-threat force in the kitchen.

Tenielle Niles - Brand Integrity & Expansion

You'll find Tenielle Niles engaged in just about every aspect of Fat Pastor Productions, but she is especially focused on brand integrity - quality control and excellence, and the expansion of Fat Pastor Productions into more avenues of influence. 


Jacob Niles
General Manager

Jake is the voice you'll most likely hear on the other end of the line, and the one who makes sure your experience meets our high expectations from start to finish. Coming from an impressive background in management at the Portland Spirit, we are proud and honored to have Jake as a valued member of our team.

Beth Kalombo - Community Engagement

Beth Kalombo is a force in carrying our efforts into the community, and bringing awareness of our efforts and offerings. She is engaged in multiple efforts within the community and around the world, with a heart that beats for social and economic change.


Julie Kirchhoff - 
Head Chef @ The Lab & Culinary Director of Urban Kitche

Chef Julie is a classically trained chef, and an original member of the Fat Pastor team, having started Urban Kitchen with Chef Shawn. She is currently the head chef at the Lab, and has also graduated 4 classes of Urban Kitchen since it's start. 

Dawn Amazzalorso - Functional Efficiency

Every team needs a committed member who causes functional efficiency at every level. Dawn takes care of our team and our guests with great dedication, making sure that we are able to operate  and effectively.