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Cook Like A Man

Valentine's Day Is Just Around The Corner

You can play it lame like every year and take her out to some blah blah restaurant

Or you can stop worrying about reservations, learn to cook like a man, stay in, and handle dinner like a pro. 

Let the Fat Pastor teach you a 4 course meal she'll never forget. You'll get: 

- Hands on Experience 

- The Recipes 

- You'll get to EAT the recipes (along with other men who are ready to step up their game)

- And you can even purchase the tools to help you re-create everything at home

Remember - a little extra effort can go a long way. If you know what I mean. 

Ready to cook like a man? 

Date: February 3rd, 3:00pm (class will be approximately 4 hours to learn, cook & enjoy the fruits of your labor. Location will be announced prior to class)

Cost: $50 (covers instruction, recipes, food & drinks)

Optional: $28 to purchase Pasta Machine


Course 1 - Insalata Firenze - Oranges, Red Onion, Olives & A Lemon Vinaigrette (this is Mrs. Fat Pastor's all time favorite salad)


Course 2 - Brulee'd Goat Cheese Over Roasted Butternut Squash with Balsamic Glaze

Course 3 - Red Wine Braised Short Ribs over Handmade Pasta


Course 4 - Vanilla Panna Cotta with Pomegranate, Apple Balsamic & Black Pepper

Class size is limited so register now! 


Registration Closes January 31st, so register soon! 

For more info about The Fat Pastor,

Shawn Niles, Click Here

The Fat Pastor, Shawn Niles - As Seen On MasterChef Season 8

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