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An Underground Dining Experience

Extravagant. Exclusive. Extraordinary

About Bite Club

Bite Club is Eastern Washington's premier, members only, dinner club. Members must be 21 and older. We are currently serving Yakima & Tri-Cities. 

This is for those who want the very best the culinary world has to offer. Those who want more than just a good meal - those who want an experience. 

We have three chefs, who will prepare one to three 5-course dinners a month. You must sign up to become a member of Bite Club in order to experience each meal, however, each meal is limited to 30 guests, and will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. You can attend as many events as are available - as long as you reserve your place before each event sells out.

We will begin advertising each meal at the beginning of each month, however, you will not know the location until 2 days prior to the event. These meals could take place at a local vineyard, an abandoned warehouse, an old church, or any number of random places around the Yakima Valley. 


This is not like going to a restaurant, this is all about the experience, from start to finish. 

It's exclusive. 

It's extravagant. 

It's extraordinary. Worth every penny. 

Chef Gilbert Kalombo

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Gilbert Kalombo is a native of Zambia, South Central Africa. You will be blown away by his ability to elevate the cuisine of Africa, time and time again. And whatever you do, don't relegate him to the cuisine of his homeland. His culinary skills cross cultural boundaries with dramatic flair, making him a multi-threat force in the kitchen.

Chef Shawn Niles

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When Gordon Ramsay says that someone was born to cook, you pay attention. Shawn Niles has been perfecting his culinary skills for over 15 years - not through classical training, but by examining culture and learning from the people of the world themselves. His skills don't come from a classroom, but from the kitchens of Italy, The Caribbean, India, Hawaii, and the list goes on. You can expect not only food that tastes brilliant, but food that makes you think. 

Chef Lara Bodine

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Don't let the smile fool you. Lara Bodine isn't playing games when she sets foot in the kitchen. She will take you on culinary adventures your mind would never conceive on its own, with a focus on fresh, organic, and sustainable foods from across the globe. From beginning to end, you'll experience the very best of what her vibrant and fresh point of view has to offer. 

How It Works

In order to take part in this culinary adventure, you must first become a member. There will be a link at the bottom of this page. Once you've signed up, and received your login credentials, you'll be able to purchase your membership. 


Membership is $150.00/person for the entire year. 


Each event will then cost anywhere from $85-$200/person depending on the extravagance of the location and the food involved. You will also receive 2 guest passes per month for anyone you would like to bring who is interested in the club, but not quite ready to sign up. They will still be required to purchase their meal!


Each meal will be led by our incredible culinarians, who each offer a unique culinary perspective at each event. You can determine which meal you wish to attend based on the offering, or again - you can attend all available events. Each event has a minimum reservation of 12 people in order to take place - so make sure to sign up quick for the events you want to attend!

Not only do you get an incredible experience, you also have the benefit of knowing that 10% of all proceeds from every dinner go directly to Urban Kitchen Youth Program - our free culinary and business school for young people in Yakima.  

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Ready To Become A Member? 

1 - Understand how it works

2 - Sign up for members only page (see below) - You MUST be 21 or older

3 - Purchase Membership from the members only page


4 - Start signing up for the experiences of your choice!

We've got to do the boring and annoying stuff here. We have created a cancellation policy that will help us and you in the event that you have to cancel after an event has closed (registration closes 3 days prior to the event). Because of the nature of our services, it is very difficult for us to absolve the cost of a cancellation that takes place right before the event! 

So here's the deal. If you need to cancel your registration, no problem! Please just make sure you do so before registration closes. 

In the case of a last minute cancellation, we will ask for a $50 cancellation fee per person. This fee will need to be taken care of prior to attending any future Bite Club events. We will send you an invoice through Paypal. This helps us recover some of the costs associated with purchasing the very best ingredients that you will unfortunately not be able to enjoy, and that we will not be able to reconcile. 

Again - no problem if you cancel before registration closes. This only applies if cancellation takes place AFTER registration closes. 


For those with severe food allergies, Bite Club may not be suited for you. At this time, we will not be crafting meals with gluten-free options, however, as we grow, and expand this may change.


A Note On Food Allergies:




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