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The Evolution of
Fine Dining 
& Global Food Sport

Bite Club is Eastern Washington's premier, members only, dinner club. Members must be 21 and older. We are currently serving and developing throughout Washington State. 

This is for those who want the very best the culinary world has to offer. Those who want more than just a good meal - those who want an experience. From fine dining events to Bite Club Throwdown competitions. 

Tired of just going out to eat? Welcome to your solution!

For $150/person/year you can now join the hottest culinary dining club in the country.

As part of our club, you have access to two types of events: 

- 5 Course Culinary Experiences in various locations throughout the

Yakima Valley from our founding and award winning chefs. A typical event costs anywhere from $100-$150 per person, and includes pairings. 

- Culinary Throwdowns throughout the state of Washington, pitting

incredible chefs against each other for cash prizes and qualifying entry

into the World Food Championships. Many of these events will feature

various celebrity chefs who show up as the surprise competitor for the

evening. As part of the dining audience, you become part of the voting

panel that determines the winner of each event. Typical events are $150/person. Drinks are not included, but can be purchased through the bar at each location.

Because of our partnership with The World Food Championships, we also will be giving you access to every Throwdown competition that takes place across the country as the market is developed and implemented. You pay nothing else for this perk. What that simply means is that you get to not only experience the joy of Bite Club throughout Washington State, but throughout the country. 

What are you waiting for? Become a member of the very best dining club around - Bite Club! 

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Chef Shawn Niles

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When Gordon Ramsay says that someone was born to cook, you pay attention. Shawn Niles has been perfecting his culinary skills for over 15 years - not through classical training, but by examining culture and learning from the people of the world themselves. His skills don't come from a classroom, but from the kitchens of Italy, The Caribbean, India, Hawaii, and the list goes on. You can expect not only food that tastes brilliant, but food that makes you think. 

Chef Gilbert Kalombo

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Gilbert Kalombo is a native of Zambia, South Central Africa. You will be blown away by his ability to elevate the cuisine of Africa, time and time again. And whatever you do, don't relegate him to the cuisine of his homeland. His culinary skills cross cultural boundaries with dramatic flair, making him a multi-threat force in the kitchen.