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OUR favorite global flavors - YOUR home!


Tuscan Blend

The flavors that started it all! 

Fennel pollen, coriander, lemon, garlic, salt and pepper and more! 

Perfect on any of your grilled meats and vegetables. It's a blend that does it all! 

4 oz - $12.00

Fennel Pollen

One of our secret ingredients. Imported from Italy, fennel pollen is harvested from the fennel plant, and is the most floral version of fennel imaginable. We use it to take every Italian dish to the next level. 

4 oz. - $12.00 - ADD TO CART


Ulishani Blend

The taste of Zambia's Victoria Falls! Paying homage to Chef Gilbert's homeland, this spice will give you all the feels of an African spice market. Mix it into your curries, your vegetables, and especially chicken and fish. 

Ginger, Paprika, Curry, Cinnamon, Bird's Eye Chili's and more. This ones a bit spicy, but we don't think you'll mind! 

4 oz. - $12.00



Let us take you on a journey to South America. Another versatile blend, that we especially love on burgers. But, just like our Tuscan blend, you can put this on just about anything!


Cumin, coriander, smoked paprika, orange, salt & pepper and more!

4 oz - $12.00

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